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The plumbing industry is cited for growth in the coming years for several reasons. For starters, new construction combined with maintenance and upgrades to existing structures are increasing demand for plumbers all the time. Also, “going green” has been a growing priority with both commercial and residential development alike. In response to this trend, older plumbing systems are being upgraded more efficient eco-friendly ones.

There’s also the factor of the current average age range for plumbers. In the wake of them aging, the industry is likely to see a lot of retirement soon. In and of itself, this doesn’t add yet more demand for plumbing work, but it does alter the state of the workforce. Many who will be retiring were involved with the trade through unions; something the new generation puts much less emphasis on. This means that new plumbers that will take their place will look for training and means of find work elsewhere. Incidentally, new hires will likely need to be trained through their work; something Plumbing Franchises have systems in place to accommodate.

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