Handyman Franchise

One of the most popular franchise concepts of the past 10 years has been in the area of home-maintenance franchises. These are the so-called "handyman" franchises, and they provide a convenient and desired service, especially in two-income households where neither spouse has the time or energy (or perhaps the skills) to do the fix-up jobs that are part of maintaining a home in our society.

Handyman franchises are designed specifically to address a list of common problems that need to be fixed around the home--anything from a leaking faucet to a door that sticks to a hard to reach light bulb (this is actually the most commonly requested task in the handyman business). The franchises typically don't address major electrical or plumbing projects or anything that requires a general contractor's license, but rather focus on fairly mundane tasks that a very handy person can usually do without too much effort and without specialized tools.

In terms of the franchisee profile, it's important to note that virtually all the handyman franchises are looking for a skilled businessperson, not a skilled handyman. These are set up as executive franchises where the franchisee runs a business rather than personally delivering the service of the business. For people who are attracted to this business because of a desire to fix things, it would be far better to get a job as a handyman than to purchase a handyman franchise, because the companies are looking for the leverage they get with a businessperson hiring multiple handymen to do the work.

Your role as a franchisee in a handyman business is:

  1. running the marketing to attract customers,
  2. hiring the handymen who will deliver the services,
  3. scheduling the jobs, and
  4. keeping the books.

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